11th annual

The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region

  • Elements Drawing: Feb 21, 4:00pm at Rivertown Brewery and Barrel House
  • Pre-Production: Feb 21 - Feb 26 at noon
  • Production and Post-Production begin: Upon script, schooting schedule and storyboard/shot list are approved on Feb 26, noon
  • Initial Cut and Produciton Paperwork due: Mar 6 by 3:00pm at The Holy Grail at the Banks
  • Professional One-on-Ones: March 26 beginning at 10:00am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
  • Movie Refinement Time: March 26 - April 1
  • Final movies due to your campus representative by noon on April 1
  • Screening and Awards: April 23 or 30, TBA

Required Elements
  • TBA

  • Official Rules (coming soon)
  • Release Form (coming soon)
  • Celtx (Online script writing software. Now unsupported, but still very functional, stand-alone versions are available for Windows or Mac.)
  • Amazon Storywriter (Online script writing software with an offline element.)

CMF colleges

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