10th annual

The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Group A
College Team Name Emotion
BMC BMC's Last Love/Obsession
NKU Brighter Moon Love/Passion
CS le Blanc Auguste Love/Passion
Ai A1 Love/Infatuation
OCB OCB1 Fear/Anxiety
NKU TeamTeamTeam Fear/Shock
NKU Over Budget Joy/Happiness
Miami MAFIA1 Love/Infatuation
CS Lucotom Productions Sadness/Misery
XU OvalTeam Fear/Shock
XU Arabian Law Love/Infatuation

Group B
College Team Name Emotion
UCBA Knuckledragger Productions Love/Sentimentality
Ai Happy Hen Anger/Hate
CS Average Joe Anger/Bitterness
OCB OCB2 Anger/Fury
NKU What's Upshaw? Love/Infatuation
Miami MAFIA2 Sadness/Insecurity
NKU Marauders 2.0 Fear/Shock
Ai DYAD Sadness/Depression
XU Misfit Toys Sadness/Depression
CS Right Hand Man Love/Sentimentality

Alumni Group
College Team Name Emotion
BMC 1 Man Film Fear/Shock
BMC Devil's Nightmare Fear/Horror
BMC Moundshroud Creations Fear/Anxiety
BMC Resurrection Fear/Horror
NKU Under the Gun Sadness/Depression
CS Smooth Guy Sadness/Insecurity

From February 15 through March 2 teams of student filmmakers once again plannned, wrote, shot and edited short films that will be critiqued by area professionals and screened at a local theatre.

In addition, three CMF alumni teams re-formed and made movies over the same timeframe to compete in a special "alumni" category.


Elements Drawing: Feb 15, 6:00pm at Madtree Brewery
Pre-Production: Feb 15 - Feb 20, noon
Production and Post-Production: Feb 20, noon - Mar 1, 3:00pm
Professional One-on-Ones: March 28 beginning at 10:00am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
Movie Refinement Time: March 28 - April 3
Final movies due to your campus representative by noon on April 3
Screening and Awards: April 25 at the AMC Theater in West Chester
"Best of the CMF" at Live from New Riff: April 28 at 7:00pm

Required Elements

Character: Sadie Upshaw, Paralegal
Dialogue: "Tell me you didn't say that!"
Prop: Visually incorporate a 10 year milestone

Documents Official Rules
Release Form
Celtx (online script writing software. Now unsupported, but still very functional, stand-alone versions are available for Windows or Mac.)

Archive: CMF 2014, CMF 2013, CMF 2012, CMF 2011, CMF 2010, CMF 2009, CMF 2008, CWMF2007