10th annual

The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Group A
College Team Name Emotion
BMC TBA Love/Obsession
NKU Brighter Moon


CS Garbage Day Love/Passion
Ai A1 Love/Infatuation
OCB OCB2 Fear/Anxiety
NKU TeamTeamTeam Fear/Shock
NKU Over Budget


Miami MAFIA1 Love/Infatuation
CS TBA Sadness/Misery
XU Arabian Law Love/Infatuation

Group B
College Team Name Emotion
UCBA TBA Love/Sentimentality
Ai Happy Hen Anger/Hate
CS Average Joe


OCB OCB2 Anger/Fury
NKU What's Upshaw? Love/Infatuation
Miami MAFIA2 Sadness/Insecurity
NKU Maurader 2.0 Fear/Shock
Ai DYAD Sadness/Depression
XU OvalTeam Fear/Shock
XU Misfit Toys Sadness/Depression
CS Right Hand Man Love/Sentimentality

Alumni Group
College Team Name Emotion
BMC 1 Man Film Fear/Shock
BMC Devil's Nightmare Fear/Horror
BMC Moundshroud Creations Fear/Anxiety
BMC Resurrection Fear/Horror
NKU Under the Gun Sadness/Depression
CS Smooth Guy Sadness/Insecurity

In celebration of the College Movie Festival's 10th year we open Greater Cincinnati's premiere educational moviemaking event to our alumni.

Starting on February 15, teams of student filmmakers will once again plan, write, shoot and edit short films that will be critiqued by area professionals and screened at a local theatre.

In addition, all CMF alumni are invited to form a team and make a movie over the same two weeks and compete in a special "alumni" category.


Elements Drawing: Feb 15, 6:00pm at Madtree Brewery
Pre-Production: Feb 15 - Feb 20, noon
Production and Post-Production: Feb 20, noon - Mar 1, 3:00pm
Professional One-on-Ones: March 28 beginning at 10:00am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
Movie Refinement Time: March 28 - April 3
Final movies due to your campus representative by noon on April 3
Screening and Awards: April 25 at TBA
"Best of the CMF" at Live from New Riff: April 28 at 7:00pm

Required Elements

Character: Sadie Upshaw, Paralegal
Dialogue: "Tell me you didn't say that!"
Prop: Visually incorporate a 10 year milestone

Documents Official Rules
Release Form
Celtx (online script writing software. Now unsupported, but still very functional, stand-alone versions are available for Windows or Mac.)

Archive: CMF 2014, CMF 2013, CMF 2012, CMF 2011, CMF 2010, CMF 2009, CMF 2008, CWMF2007