12th annual

The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region

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College Block Theme Team Name
Cincinnati State A Paranoia Nepenthe
Cincinnati State A Capitalism Magic Mushroom Dream House
NKU A Loyalty Norse Film Society
NKU A Friendship Unknown
NKU A Corruption Broken Antenna Productions
NKU A Family 3-D Adventures
Miami A Community Yeesh Productions
Miami A Ambition A Misfits Production
Xavier A Tolerance Goofy Goobers
Xavier A Humanity The Aqua Bears
OCB A Unity Tony Deemer
Cincinnati State B Gratitude Teamwork
Cincinnati State B Tolerance WhiteWolf Production 
NKU B Family NFS Master Exploders
NKU B Capitalism Wah Wah Productions
NKU B Friendship Banana Birds
NKU Animation B Corruption NKUAnimate
Miami B Unity "Gang's All Here"
Miami B Humanity The Five Horsemen
Xavier B Loyalty Sophie2 and the Appalachians
Xavier B Ambition X Seniors
WKU B Paranoia  
UC-BA B Perseverance Magnificent 7

Required Elements
  • Character: Elise/Ellis Williams, cook
  • Line I am (I'm) just out of time.
  • Prop Coffee can

  • Elements Drawing: Feb 19, 4:00pm at Woodburn Brewery
  • Pre-Production: Feb 19 - Feb 24 at noon
  • Production and Post-Production begins Feb 24 at noon upon script, schooting schedule and storyboard/shot list approval by your campus prof
  • Initial cut and paperwork due: Mar 5 by 5:00pm through the CMF Upload Link
  • Professional One-on-Ones: March 25 beginning at 10:30am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
  • Movie Refinement Time: March 25 - 31
  • Final movies due: April 1 by noon through the CMF Upload Link
  • Screening and Awards: April 22 or 29, TBA


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