2019 - the 14th annual
College Movie Festival logo
The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Want to help the CMF? We will gladly accept donations to cover expenses through a GoFundMe campaign.

  • Elements Drawing: Feb 17, 4:00pm at the Wooden Cask, 629 York Street in Newport, KY
  • Pre-Production: Feb 17 - Feb 22 at noon
  • Production and Post-Production begins Feb 22 at noon upon script, schooting schedule and storyboard/shot list approval by your campus prof
  • Initial cut and paperwork due: Mar 3 by 5:00pm through the Upload Link
  • Professional One-on-Ones: April 6 beginning at 10:30am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
  • Movie Refinement Time: April 6 - 12
  • Final movies due: April 12 by 12:00 noon EST  through the Upload Link
  • Screening and Awards: April 20 or 27, location TBA

College Block Theme Team Name
Cincinnati State A Tolerance Team Rosie
Cincinnati State A Family Tension Pictures
Fairfield CCP A Loyalty Fairfield High School
Miami A Community Rowdy Redhawks Prod. 
Morehead State A Survival MSU Eagles
NKU A Prejudice Team Norse Up
NKU A Enlightenment Medieval Orphans
NKU A Corruption THE Best Team
NKU A Reunion Home Cooked Movies
Ohio Media School A Coming of Age Cine'Ville
UC Blue Ash A Peer Pressure Blue
UC Main Campus A Evolution Chicken Dinner
Xavier A Paranoia Cin City
Xavier A Ambition Monroe
Xavier A Friendship Team Turn it to 11
Cincinnati State B Coming of Age E-MOTION FILMS
Cincinnati State B Family Focal Point Productions
Miami B Loyalty Spooky Fish
NKU B Ambition Hansor Productions
NKU B Tolerance NFS - Roll With It
NKU B Paranoia Video Vixens
NKU (animation) B Reunion NKU 3ntertainment
Ohio Media School B Prejudice Cin City
UC Clermont B Perseverance Skeleton Crew
UC Main Campus B Evolution UC Me
Xavier B Peer Pressure False Start
Xavier B Corruption Paperweight Productions
Xavier B Enlightenment Captured Fish
Xavier B Friendship Paw Print Productions

Required Elements
  • Character: Jules McGrath, clerk
  • Line: If you think it's so easy then you try it.
  • Prop: flip flops

Documents and Resources

Want to help the CMF? We will gladly accept donations to cover expenses through a GoFundMe campaign.

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