2019 - the 14th annual
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The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

Judges' Choice: "On the Brink" by Turn it Up to 11
Best use of Required Elements: "Companion" by Paw Print Productions
Best Pre-Production Paperwork: "Blood Blind" by Tens10n Productions
Audience Choice, Group A: "One the Brink" by Turn it Up to 11
Audience Choice Runner Up, Group A: "The Life and Lies of Teddy Buchanan" by Chicken Dinner
Audience Choice, Group B: "Joe" by Focal Point
Audience Choice Runner Up, Group B: "Reflection" by Paperweight Productions

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  • Elements Drawing: Feb 17, 4:00pm at the Wooden Cask, 629 York Street in Newport, KY
  • Pre-Production: Feb 17 - Feb 22 at noon
  • Production and Post-Production begins Feb 22 at noon upon script, schooting schedule and storyboard/shot list approval by your campus prof
  • Initial cut and paperwork due: Mar 3 by 5:00pm through the Upload Link
  • Professional One-on-Ones: April 6 beginning at 10:30am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
  • Movie Refinement Time: April 6 - 12
  • Final movies due: April 12 by 12:00 noon EST  through the Upload Link
  • Screening and Awards: April 20, 9:00am (Group A) and 10:45am (Group B) at the AMC Theatre in West Chester

College Block Theme Team Name
Cincinnati State A Tolerance Team Rosie
Cincinnati State A Family Tension Pictures
Fairfield CCP A Loyalty Fairfield High School
Miami A Community Rowdy Redhawks Prod. 
Morehead State A Survival MSU Eagles
NKU A Prejudice Team Norse Up
NKU A Enlightenment Medieval Orphans
NKU A Corruption THE Best Team
NKU A Reunion Home Cooked Movies
Ohio Media School A Coming of Age Cine'Ville
UC Blue Ash A Peer Pressure Extraordinary
UC Main Campus A Evolution Chicken Dinner
Xavier A Paranoia Cin City
Xavier A Ambition Monroe
Xavier A Friendship Team Turn it to 11
Cincinnati State B Coming of Age E-MOTION FILMS
Cincinnati State B Family Focal Point Productions
Miami B Loyalty Spooky Fish
NKU B Ambition Hansor Productions
NKU B Tolerance NFS - Roll With It
NKU B Paranoia Video Vixens
NKU (animation) B Reunion NKU 3ntertainment
Ohio Media School B Prejudice Cin City
UC Clermont B Perseverance Skeleton Crew
UC Main Campus B Evolution UC Me
Xavier B Peer Pressure False Start
Xavier B Corruption Paperweight Productions
Xavier B Enlightenment Captured Fish
Xavier B Friendship Paw Print Productions

Required Elements
  • Character: Jules McGrath, clerk
  • Line: If you think it's so easy then you try it.
  • Prop: flip flops

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Want to help the CMF? We will gladly accept donations to cover expenses through a GoFundMe campaign.

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