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Screening date: April 27
The Carnegie, Covington


CONGRATULATIONS to "Daylight Trippin'" by ManDelBrot Set
from the Ohio Center for Broadcasting --
The 2008 Judges' Choice winner!

On Sunday, April 27 at the beautiful Carnegie Theatre in Covington all 15 completed movies were screened and each team had the opportunity to sit with 6 filmmaking professionals and discuss their work. Thanks to the generous support of our presenting sponsors, Cincinnati Bell Z-Street and Apple, Inc., and over 300 moviegoers enjoyed the educational and entertaining day of student filmmaking.

The other winning entries were:

  • Group A Audience Choice: "Hot Coffee Exclusive" by Rampage
  • Group B Audience Choice: "Spithra" by Torque
  • Group A Audience Choice Runner-Up: "Operation KMW" by Root Productions
  • Group B Audience Choice Runner-Up: "Ribbit in the Moon" by Fluorescent Fish
  • Best Use of Required Elements: "Ribbit in the Moon" by Fluorescent Fish
  • Best Pre-Production Paperwork: "Daylight Trippin'" by ManDelBrot Set

Group A - Screening at 3:00pm
Team Name
Time In
Un Amour Productions University of Cincinnati Thriller/Horror The One Note Man 4:54
Red Stripe AI Cincinnati Superhero Maladjusted 4:11
Rampage Northern Kentucky University Mockumentary Hot Coffee Exclusive 4:36
SHEnanigans Cincinnati State Romantic Comedy First Date Monday
Mirage Productions Cincinnati State Action/Adventure Damaged Goods Monday
The Ides of March Brown Mackie College Mystery Liars, Cheats & Thieves 3:00
Under the Gun Productions Northern Kentucky University Film Noir Prelude to a Dream 4:48
Root Productions Western Kentucky University Buddy Film Operation KMW Monday
Group B - Screening at 5:00pm
Team Name
Time In
Fluorescent Fish Cincinnati State Mockumentary Ribbit in the Moon Monday
East Bay Productions Northern Kentucky University Mystery Paranomia 4:20
X-Fade Xavier University Fantasy Time Out 4:35
Unimagination Cincinnati State Action/Adventure The Witness 4:56
Cinema Freaks Northern Kentucky University Film Noir Inspiration 4:36
Bearcats University of Cincinnati Thriller/Horror    
ManDelBrot Set Ohio Center for Broadcasting Romantic Comedy Daylight Trippin' 4:15
Torque Cincinnati State Superhero Spithra Monday

Required Elements

Character: Mia Michaels - Barista
Prop: Fashion Magazine
Dialogue: "I'm ready for the next step."
Question (delivered by Mia Michaels): "Do you have that in a size 6?"




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