Congratulations to the 2010 winning school:
UC Raymond Walters!

2010 Required Elements
Character: J.T. Walden, School crossing guard
Prop: Chinese carryout container
Line: If you get caught…you don't know me.
Question, by J.T.: It gets worse?

Pro One-on-Ones and Screening: April 25 at the Carnegie Theatre
One-on-Ones: Noon
Viewing Block A: 3:00pm
Viewing Block B: 5:00pm

Each team receives 10 tickets. Additional tickets to both viewing blocks are only $6!

Viewing Block A genre pick wild card draw
Ai CIncinnati No Show
Brown Mackie Horror/Thriller
Cincinnati State Buddy Film
Cincinnati State Western
NKU Film Noir
NKU Superhero
NKU Mockumentary
Western Kentucky Gangster/Crime
Xavier Romantic Comedy Road Movie
Rider University Action Adventure
Ohio Center for Broadcasting Film Noir
Viewing Block B genre pick wild card draw
Brown Mackie Gangster/Crime
Cincinnati State Superhero
Cincinnati State Buddy Film
Cincinnati State Thriller/Horror
NKU Action Adventure
NKU Mocumentary
UC Raymond Walters Western
Wilmington Romantic Comedy Kung Fu/Karate
Xavier Mystery
Western Kentucky Fantasy

Release Form

2010 Official Rules

Pre-Production: March 18, 10:30pm - March 22, noon
Production and Post-Production: March 22, noon - March 28, 5:00pm

Archive: CMF 2009, CMF 2008, CWMF 2007, CWMF 2006