Judge's Choice: "Dependence" by PailMail from NKU
Excellence in Pre-Production:
"Dark of Day" by Fun-Kaar from UC Raymond Walters College
Best Use of Required Elements:
"Stage Two" by Picture Remedy from Cincinnati State
Group A Audience Choice:
"Foundation" by Shadowface from Cincinnati State
Group A Audience Choice Runner Up:
"Dark of Day" by Fun-Kaar from UC Raymond Walters College
Group B Audience Choice:
"Dependence" by PailMail from NKU
Group B Audience Choice Runner Up:
"Post" by Over the Edge from Cincinnati State

Group A
College Emotion Team Name Team Leader Time In
Ai Joy/Exhilaration MKTV Mike Senger


Ai Love/Sentimentality Super 8 Productions Holly Brown 4:02
BMC Sadness/Homesickness Team Juice Mike Zelliars 3:19
BMC Anger/Grouchiness   David Larimore --
Cincinnati State Fear/Shock Shadowface Amanda O'Casek 4:23
Cincinnati State Anger/Hate Picture Remedy Patrick Lipscomb 4:39
NKU Joy/Thrill phil-harmonix Phil Hepfinger 6:30
NKU Joy/Happiness Norse Film Society Stephanie Mathena 4:32
UC Raymond Walters Sadness/Alienation Fun-Kaar Daniel Sammons Jr. 4:09
Xavier Joy/Ecstasy Team C. Productions Kevin George 4:54
Xavier Love/Obsession CMFV Jess Stegman 3:52
Group B
College Emotion Team Name Team Leader Time In
Ai Sadness/Insecurity Unnamed Ai1 Nick DeLeo 1:00
AI Sadness/Misery Unnamed Ai2 Mike Anderson 4:27
Ai Fear/Horror V3 John Topolewski 4:05
Cincinnati State Anger/Bitterness Over the Edge Justin Vonderhaar 3:00
NKU Fear/Worry PailMail Tim McDaniel 4:22
NKU Love/Passion Goofy Squirrel Andrew Elder 4:35
OCB Sadness/Humiliation OCB Richard Addison 3:36
UC Raymond Walters Fear/Anxiety 13 Hearts Michael Hostiuk 3:35
Xavier Sadness/Despair All I Do Is #Winning Mike Guarente 4:31
Western KY Fear/Terror Black Mamba Jacob Kasinger On Time

Required Elements

Character: Tony Carbone (pronounced "kar-bone") a Special Events Planner
Question, delivered by Tony: "When was the last time you saw it?"
Line of Dialogue: "There's not enough vodka in the world."
Prop: Dental Floss

Schedule Elements Drawing: March 13, 5:00pm at the Know Theatre
Pre-Production: March 13 - March 17, noon
Production and Post-Production: March 17, noon - March 27, 5:00pm
Drop Off (and Party): March 27, by 5:00pm at the Rock Bottom Brewery
Screening Date: May 1, Greaves Hall at NKU

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