The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

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Judges' Choice: "No Quarter" by Atomic Guerrilla (Cincinnati State)
Best Use of Required Elements: "Emma" by Team Gobo (UC)
Best Paperwork: "Emma" by Team Gobo (UC)
Audience Chioce, Group A: "The Trials and Tribulations of Henry Archibald Pruitt III" by Peanut Butter Pinecone Productions (Cincinnati State)
Audience Choice Runner-Up, Group A: "Emma" by Team Gobo (UC)
Audience Choice, Group B: "No Quarter" Atomic Guerrilla (Cincinnati State)
Audience Choice Runner-Up, Group B: "Access" Sandbags (Cincinnati State)

  Screening Schedule
Cincinnati Museum Center
Sunday, April 29
FREE admission for all movies
$6 parking in the Museum Center lot

12:00 noon - One-on-Ones with the Pros (teams only)
2:00pm - Screening Group A (open to the public)
4:00pm - Screening Group B (open to the public)

College Emotion Team Name Team Leader

Screening Group

Time In
BMC   Proxy      
BMC Love: Infatuation Devils Keenan Wheeler    
BMC Joy: Happiness Team Paranormal Nick Pirrmann B 3:50pm
CS Sadness: Homesickness Atomic Gorrilla Bobby Gayol B 3:00pm
CS Love: Attraction Sandbags Mark Lieberman B 4:40pm
CS Anger: Contempt PBPP Lindsay Schabert A 4:05pm
CS Fear: Apprehension Raw Footage Mark Crawford A 4:43pm
NKU Anger: Grouchiness Gamma Elizabeth Ray B 3:00pm
NKU Love: Senitmentality Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies Jacob Probus A 4:48pm
NKU Fear: Horror Epic Hat Elizabeth McMillen A 3:30pm
NKU Sadness: Dispair NorseMedia Setphanie Mathena B 3:20pm
NKU Sadness: Alienation Plans On Top Of Plans Anthony Pesce B 3:59pm
OCB Love: Passion Team OCB John Davies A


UC Sadness: Humiliation Team Gobo Kyle Howland A 4:13pm
XU Sadness: Misery Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killers Molly McGranahan A 4:42pm
XU Anxiety: Fear Cuulbricks Mike Guarente B 4:45pm

  Required Elements

Character: Kevin O'Leary, delivery man
Question, delivered by Character: "Do I have to go in there?"
Line of Dialogue: "We have to get back to the basics."
Prop: Handheld Air Horn

  Schedule Elements Drawing: March 18, 4:00pm at the Know Theatre
Pre-Production: March 18 - March 22, noon
Production and Post-Production: March 22, noon - April 1, 5:00pm
Drop Off (and Party): April 1, by 5:00pm at The Holy Grail at the Banks
Screening Date: April 29 at the Cincinnati Museum Center

  Documents Official Rules
Release Form
Celtx (script writing and scheduling software)
Example Paperwork Checklist

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