The annual competition and celebration of student filmmaking in the Greater Cincinnati region.

COUNTER PUNCH - the 2013 CMF Judges' Choice Winners!
The final movies were screened April 20 at the Pierce Point Theatre in Amelia, OH (map).
9:00am (Group A) and 11:00am (Group B)
Admission is FREE (donations are happily accepted)

School Group Emotion Team Name Time In
OCB A Anger-grouchiness OCB 4:16pm
UC Blue Ash A Joy-exhilaration Team 1
Western KY B Sadness-humiliation Team 1
NKU B Fear-worry Radass 1:00pm
NKU A Joy-thrill Epic Hat 2:10pm
BMC A Love-attraction Day Stalkers 2:31pm
UC Blue Ash B Anger-bitterness Team 2  
BMC B Joy-ecstasy Night Stalkers 2:07pm
Cincinnati State B Fear-horror Undeclared Warriors Monday
Western KY A Joy-amusement Team 2  
Cincinnati State B Love-sentimentality Lasso the Moon 1:24pm
Xavier B Happiness-joy The Movie Muskies 3:44pm
NKU B Anger-fury Purple Picasso Platypi 2:27pm
NKU A Sadness-homesickness Rocket Sharks 2:52pm
Xavier A Anger-hate Catalina Wine Mixer 1:56pm
NKU A Love-obsession Beauties and the Beast 2:46pm
Cincinnati State A Sadness-insecurity Front Runners 2:10pm
Cincinnati State A Love-infatuation The Rooks 1:28pm
NKU B Fear-terror Shady Prod 2:38pm

Required Elements

Character: Rick Schiller, reporter
Question, delivered by Character: "Are you an early riser?"
Line of Dialogue: "That's all there is. There isn't any more."
Prop: Stop sign


Elements Drawing: Feb 12, 6:00pm at the Know Theatre
Pre-Production: Feb 12 - Feb 14, noon
Production and Post-Production: Feb 14, noon - Feb 24, 3:00pm
Drop Off: Feb 24 between 1 and 3pm at The Holy Grail at the Banks
Professional One-on-Ones: March 16 beginning at 10am in Griffin Hall (GH) at NKU
Movie Refinement Time: March 16 - March 22
Final Movies due at noon on March 22 to your campus representative
Screening Date: April 20 at the Pierce Point Theatre in Ameila

Documents Official Rules
Release Form
Celtx (script writing and scheduling software)

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